When to know that the flow is not normal to go to the doctor


All women have vaginal discharge and it is the most normal during the month since they ovulate and the menstrual cycle has more or less regular patterns during the female fertile age. But there are women who do not know if it is normal or not to have a certain amount of discharge, or color, or texture… and it is necessary to learn when it is normal and when it is not to go to the doctor or not.

When your discharge is normal in your vagina

Your discharge will be normal as long as you have whitish discharge or it remains yellowish when it has dried. It will also be normal when you notice some extra raw egg white discharge when you are ovulating. As long as you have vaginal discharge and you don’t notice odors, pain or anything strange, it means that everything will be fine. For example, that the vaginal discharge is a little brown before or just after the period without pain or itching, it can also be totally normal.

How much vaginal discharge is not normal

  • But there will also be other circumstances that may indicate that your vaginal discharge is not normal. When this happens and your vaginal discharge changes or there are symptoms in your body that are not normal, then it will be necessary for you to see your doctor for a check-up. But when is vaginal discharge not normal?
  • Vaginal discharge will stop being normal when it has a strange and unusual color. For example, if you have a greenish, reddish or brownish vaginal discharge and it is also accompanied by bad odors, itching, inflammation or vaginal discomfort and it does not stop… then you will have to see your doctor because you may have a vaginal infection or another condition that will have to be evaluated and treated by a doctor.


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