What is the hymen for and how and when does it break?


Throughout history, women have the worst part in terms of sexuality. Everything is a mystery, everything is taboo, everything is secret and it seems more appropriate to tiptoe through certain topics using metaphors or innuendo than to call things by their name. But we like to speak clearly and that’s why we want to know the truth about the hymen. Are you coming to dismantle myths?

Myths and truths about the hymen

The hymen is still considered today by many cultures as the symbol and proof of virginity. It continues to happen in this world that virginity is considered purity and continues to be a vitally important characteristic for many young women. And the protagonist of a whole paraphernalia that threatens the integrity of many young women is precisely the hymen. Do you know what the hymen is?

What is the hymen

The hymen is a membrane inside the vagina. From the day we are born, the membrane appears there with the aim of protecting the area from infections. But as we grow older, when the organism creates its own defense mechanisms against infections, its function disappears and the tissue becomes more elastic and weak until it becomes a membrane devoid of any organic function, but cultural. Because the presence of the hymen, they say, indicates that they have never had sexual relations. And there we enter the land of myth.

What is the hymen for?

We can safely say that the hymen is useless, except to make life miserable for many young women in some parts of the world. Except in the first years of life, in which the hymen protects the vaginal area from infections, it is useless, it is not even reliable as a detector of having started sexual life or not.

When does the hymen break?

Because the hymen is not only broken in the first sexual relation or in the first penetration, to be more exact. The elasticity and fragility of the membrane varies in each person and while there are women who, despite having had relationships, continue to have a hymen, others, who jealously guard their virginity, do not have this symbolic tissue of their purity because it has broken when playing sports, inserting a tampon or during masturbation.

The truth about the hymen

The very concept of hymen as proof of virginity is false and it should be made clear. But we would have to go a step further and be aware of the number of myths that surround virginity as well, although that is another debate. In any case, it must be remembered that these family tests to which some young women are subjected before marriage are still a type of sexual violence.


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