What is Müller’s cyst and its symptoms?


The Müllerian duct forms the fallopian tubes, cervix, and uterus. When the Müller duct is obstructed, it is what we know as a paramesonephric cyst or Müller cyst.

A small sac filled with liquid or semi-solid that can vary from a few millimeters to the size of an orange.

The development of this type of cyst can occur very quickly during pregnancy, although the most common form is to appear in middle- aged women.

Symptoms of a Müllerian cyst

  • Sometimes this type of cyst can present minor discomfort, especially when having sexual intercourse, so if this is the case, we must go to our gynecologist to carry out the determining tests to clarify what type of treatment we must follow for its dissolution or extraction.
  • It may be that the cyst we are faced with is malignant, but in most patients the cyst is determined to be benign


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