What does watery vaginal discharge mean?


A woman’s vagina is the conduit that leads to the reproductive organs. The pH balance creates a somewhat acidic environment naturally so that vaginal infections can be prevented. Vaginal discharge is normal and necessary for women’s health, these fluids keep the vagina clean just like saliva keeps your mouth clean. When there is a change in color, consistency, or odor, it may indicate an infection. But what does it mean when vaginal discharge is watery?

The meaning of watery vaginal discharge

  • You usually don’t have to worry when you have a clear watery vaginal discharge, it actually means that there is a good balance of healthy bacteria inside your vagina. The watery secretions are necessary for the removal of bacteria and dead cells from the vagina. You should not worry about having a watery vaginal discharge unless it is accompanied by other symptoms such as a change in smell or consistency, in which case the ideal would be to see your doctor to assess that everything is going well.
  • It is common to notice watery discharge during the menstrual cycle, but you may experience it in other situations as well. It’s important to note, that when you actually tell your doctor about this he or she can assess the discharge to make sure all is well.

When is it common to have a watery vaginal discharge?

During ovulation you are likely to have more watery vaginal discharge. This occurs by increasing estrogen levels when you are ovulating. This usually happens a few days before the egg is released as the vagina produces 30% more mucus during this period. The discharge is watery, transparent and odorless.

After sex it is also common because of sexual arousal to facilitate penetration during intercourse. And last but not least, during pregnancy you may also notice that there is a watery vaginal discharge due to the change of hormones.


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