What does it mean to have lazy ovaries?


Having lazy ovaries is one of the common organic causes of infertility or the inability for a healthy woman to get pregnant even if she tries over and over again. But what exactly is a vagus ovary? A lazy ovary is when one of the ovaries does not produce eggs because the ovarian follicles do not develop properly. There is no internal evidence for ovum maturation and ovulation or the release of ova from the ovary vagus.

Lazy ovaries and their meaning

  • To make it better understood, for example, we can think that people have a dominant side of the body such as a dominant hand, a dominant ear… well, this happens exactly with the ovaries. You have a dominant ovary that is more active, but instead you also have a lazy ovary that is inactive or even atrophic – it contracts due to lack of nutrients and is smaller than normal.
  • The causes of having lazy ovaries can be diverse but difficult to detect, for example it can be due to genetics, hereditary weakness, a hormonal imbalance, endometriosis -it can cause scarring and shrinkage-, due to having ovarian cysts, due to the aging of the woman, due to poor circulation or the degeneration of acid within the ovaries. It could even occur due to toxic contamination of the ovaries by heavy metals. The ovaries have less resistance than other organs. The cells that produce the eggs inside the ovary look like fibers or cysts and cannot reproduce as usual.
  • Externally it is possible that the symptoms are not appreciated and it is only discovered with a routine examination or with an infertility evaluation. A sign of a lazy ovary – but one that a doctor should assess – is irregular menstruation due to the increase in hormones to try to stimulate the ovaries.
  • For all these reasons, a woman who wants to get pregnant but has lazy ovaries has much more difficulty getting it. But a woman can have children with only one active ovary as long as she has healthy fallopian tubes. To achieve this, she will have to increase her chances of pregnancy by increasing ovarian health and optimal function for her. It will be necessary to give adequate nutrients, oxygen to the ovary with an alkaline diet, a colon cleanse and follow the indications that the doctor advises.


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