Vaginal moisture from abundant vaginal discharge: is it a sign of infection?


Vaginal discharge is a natural secretion from our genitals that, if it is too abundant, can become a problem, since it produces a very annoying sensation of vaginal humidity and can trigger complications. The purpose of the flow is to protect the vagina from different infections. In general and in the absence of diseases, it is usually white or light in color and has hardly any odor.

If your vaginal discharge has always been abundant, you do not have to cry out to heaven since each woman is different. In addition, different conditions and external stimuli can cause discharge levels to increase, such as stress, ovulation, sexual desire, hormonal changes caused by pregnancy… Sometimes excessive vaginal discharge may be due to an infection vaginal. In any case, if you want to rule out diseases you should consult a professional.

Vaginal moisture, in addition to being an annoying sensation, can create the ideal condition for the development of other types of diseases such as infections or fungi. Also, vaginal discharge may cause some itching. Vaginitis is a disease in which the vagina becomes inflamed or irritated, causing discomfort during sex or when peeing.

Excessive vaginal discharge may be due to an infection

  • To prevent infections from occurring as a result of moisture in the vagina, it is necessary to have correct hygiene habits using neutral soaps that do not alter the vaginal flora. However, it is important to have common sense when it comes to vaginal cleansing, since neither excess nor deficiency of it is recommended.
  • It is also important to remember that the correct way to clean your vagina is from the front towards the anus to prevent bacteria from reaching the vagina. In addition, it is convenient that you always wear loose clothing and cotton underwear. This allows the skin to breathe by increasing airflow, which decreases moisture buildup.
  • To make sure that your vagina is in good health, go to your gynecologist so that, after a series of tests or examinations, you can effectively determine the characteristics and solutions in your case.


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