Vaginal discharge: amount, color, smell… Answers to your privacy


What shades of color are normal in vaginal discharge? What amount of flow is current? When do we secrete the greatest amount of vaginal lubricant? What bodies are in charge of this function? When should we worry about a “different” vaginal discharge?

In the following lines we answer these and other questions related to vaginal discharge, one of the aspects of our intimate health that worries us the most, often because we ignore certain issues, on the other hand very easy to control.

And it is certainly that, in the era of medicalization, modern women are not nearly as communicated with their sexuality as our ancestors were centuries ago, when there were no gynecologists, contraceptives, or hospitals where to give birth.

Undoubtedly, today much progress has been made in medical issues related to women’s privacy, but unfortunately other feminine knowledge has been lost that we should take into account.

Vaginal discharge: characteristics, purposes, problems and remedies

  • Vaginal discharge is a viscous and generally transparent liquid that secretes the neck of the womb in certain circumstances. It should not be confused with the lubricant of the vaginal lips, since it is in charge of the Bartholin glands.
  • The flow serves various purposes: on the one hand, it is a natural antibiotic that prevents possible infections to which we are exposed; and, on the other hand, it is essential to have satisfactory sexual relations.
  • The shortage or excess of vaginal discharge l can cause certain problems, but generally they have an easy solution. As for the excess, it can be said that it has as consequences a possible lack of sensitivity while having intercourse, which affects both men and women.
  • Vaginal discharge may be scarce due to organic and psychological causes. As for the first, the organic ones, it should be noted: infections in the vagina; lack of estrogen, derived from premenopause or menopause, postpartum, lactation, menstrual cycle disorders, consumption of oral contraceptives or diabetes.
  • This shortage can lead to dysparurenia, or what is the same: pain during intercourse. As for psychics, they generally have to do with issues related to sexuality. Once the origin has been detected and treated, we will find the solution in artificial lubricants.

The color of vaginal discharge

On the other hand, the color tone of the flow alerts us to possible complications, so we must be on our guard. However, it is normal that once the flow comes into contact with the air, it can change from transparent to yellowish or whitish, so if this characteristic is not associated with other symptoms, we probably should not worry.

However, if the discharge changes color and is accompanied by itching, excessive redness, a bad smell or bleeding, it is important to see a specialist immediately to clear up any doubts.


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