The effects of wearing tight clothing in our intimate area


The use of tight clothing is not recommended, but even more if we refer to underwear. This is the one that does not allow us to move freely or that, once we undress, we present marks on our body. Tight clothing in our private parts favors humidity, given the lack of perspiration and, therefore, the high temperatures in our intimate area.

Both humidity and these temperatures can favor the appearance of bacteria and fungi, such as candidiasis, or even pain in the pelvic area.

Composition of intimate garments

It is important to choose the composition of our underwear well, since some fabrics, such as nylon, do not allow us to perspire. But the consequences of wearing clothes that are too tight are not only for women, but men can feel pain in the testicles and cause changes in their sperm, both in quantity and quality.

Another consequence of wearing clothes that do not fit our size is the worsening of blood circulation, and with it the appearance of varicose veins, as well as cellulite.


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