Lena Dunham’s endometriosis: a reproductive problem


For many women, reproductive problems can be a real drama. And of course, this does not go unnoticed by the famous, like the well- known actress of Girls, Lena Dunham. The director and also producer of the series has had to stop the frenetic promotional activity of it due to a gynecological problem, which is called endometriosis.

Endometriosis, a reproductive health problem 

  • This gynecological problem called endometriosis affects reproduction, since it is a chronic disease that affects the growth of endometrial tissue -part of the wall of the uterus- that grows outside the uterus, which means that it can appear in the ovaries, in the back of the uterus, in the intestine or in the bladder.
  • Pain during sexual intercourse , as well as infertility are some of the problems that it can bring with it, although rest is the most important thing before knowing if surgery is needed or not.


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