Gartner cyst: symptoms and diagnosis


Gartner’s cyst, also known as an inclusion cyst, is a fluid-filled membranous tissue that develops on the inside walls of the vagina.

This bulge gets its name from the duct in which it forms. In most cases, this duct only remains active during pregnancy and tends to disappear at the end of pregnancy.

How to spot the Gartner cyst

  • In general, these types of vaginal cysts do not usually present symptoms, which means that many times we do not know that we have developed them. Therefore, routine gynecological examinations will help us to detect any anomaly in our body and keep track of its possible evolution.
  • We should not be scared, because in most cases these types of cysts are benign and are not serious.
  • However, some women may experience discomfort when having sexual intercourse or when practicing sports, and it may be due to the appearance of this type of cyst. If we suffer from any type of discomfort, the doctor will determine if a biopsy of the tissue is necessary and will advise us whether or not we should undergo an intervention to remove it.


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