Foods to avoid bad vaginal odor


Surely on some occasion you have heard of bad vaginal odor, that strange or abnormal odor that comes from the intimate area and is sometimes accompanied by itching or redness. And it is that as with the feet or the breath, sometimes the vagina can give off an odor that is not very pleasant.

Did you know that bad vaginal odor is related to food factors? As well as with hormonal pathologies, bacteria or sexually transmitted diseases. First of all, it would be necessary to find out the cause, if it is simply a bad vaginal odor or if it is accompanied by other more uncomfortable symptoms such as pain, itching or redness. In these cases, we would have to consult the doctor: if it is simply a bad vaginal odor, there are a few home remedies that you can do to avoid it, the first and most important, take care of your diet.

Foods that prevent vaginal odor

  • A yogurt a day

Yogurt is an excellent food to avoid unpleasant vaginal odor, its Lactobacillus content helps restore the normal vaginal pH level, so eating yogurt a day is an excellent way to avoid vaginal odor, yes, you should be a natural organic yogurt and that does not contain flavors or sugar. Yogurt helps restore intestinal flora and in turn reduces the risk of yeast infection in the vagina by rooting out any possible bad odor.

  • Cooking with garlic

Garlic has antifungal properties that largely eliminate fungi with possible bacteria that cause bad odor in the vagina, you can take raw garlic in a glass of warm water every morning or cook with it whenever you can: meat, fish, pasta… All of them are delicious with garlic and are excellent for taking care of your most intimate health.

  • Cranberry juice

Cranberries are well known for their acidic nature, for helping to prevent bacteria from growing and for being an excellent natural remedy against urinary tract infections, drink unsweetened cranberry juice at least once a week and vaginal odor will disappear forever.

  • The turmeric

If you like to cook with turmeric, then you will know that it is an ideal natural antibacterial to protect the vagina against any viral infection. Always have this species in your kitchen and add it to stews, rice dishes or salads to help your intimate flora recover its smell natural.

Foods that cause bad vaginal odor

Let’s see now what are the foods that cause bad vaginal odor and that you should avoid whenever you can.

White bread 

White bread, having flour and glucose in large quantities, makes the bad smell in the vagina appear every two by three, opt for whole wheat bread instead.

Canned fruits

Canned fruits have a high content of dyes and preservatives, so they are one of the causes of bad vaginal odor, mainly due to the time they spend in contact with the chemicals in the cans that contain them.

The salt

An excessive consumption of salt will only achieve fluid retention. Due to this accumulation of salt, the pH is altered, causing unpleasant odors in your intimate area.

Remember that you should always avoid saturated fats, pre-cooked meals with a high salt content, preservatives and dyes. Follow these tips and the bad vaginal odor will disappear.


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