Five tips for intimate vaginal hygiene step by step


A feminine intimate hygiene is essential to feel fresh and clean throughout the day, but also to prevent the appearance of horrible vaginal infections, itching or other problems that could affect this sensitive and delicate area. In order to have a well-cared intimate area, you should take into account some tips for proper intimate hygiene. It is important that you learn to take care of your vaginal flora and that you can have a stable skin pH. Do not miss the five tips to have step-by-step vaginal intimate hygiene.

How to do proper intimate hygiene

  1. Clean hands: The first thing you will have to do before starting your intimate hygiene routine is to wash your hands well before coming into contact with your genitals. Ideally, you should wash your vagina once a day right after getting up in the morning, since this area starts to sweat at night (especially in summer). Although if you do physical activity you will need a little more hygiene.
  2. Neutral soaps and waters: The way you should wash your vagina is very important. To wash your genitals, it is better to do it with water and a specific soap for female intimate areas, because it will be adequate and will respect the pH value of your delicate vaginal skin. Above all, you will have to avoid washing your vagina too often since you could cause irritation. Likewise, you will have to avoid the use of soaps and lotions that are not specific for the intimate area because they can irritate your skin, destroy your vaginal flora and, in addition, an infection can arise. The same goes for scented soaps, they can cause irritation and dermatitis in the area.
  3. Avoid sponges: When you have to wash your vagina, forget about sponges or other cleaning elements, the best thing you can use is your own fingers.
  4. No to vaginal deodorants: It is not a good idea to use vaginal deodorants in the intimate area because they can cause irritation, allergic reactions and can even camouflage the unpleasant odor of an infection and that it worsens by not receiving immediate medical intervention.
  5. Keep good habits every day: In addition, to have good intimate vaginal hygiene, you will have to use tampons properly (change them regularly); Do not wear tight clothes that make you sweat more than necessary. When you go to the bathroom, always clean yourself from front to back and never the other way around, and you should also remember to wash your vagina before and after having sexual intercourse.


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