Exercises you should NOT do if you are pregnant


Being pregnant shouldn’t change anything in your life. It is a different state, but it is not a disease. Of course, there are certain things that you should pay special attention to. The food is one of them: it is convenient to wash the fruits and vegetables well before eating them raw, that the meat is well done, the fish has been previously frozen… That pampering that we put in when sitting in front of a plate, we must extrapolate it to other fields such as physical activity  to know what exercises you should not do if you are pregnant. 

Exercises you should not do if you are pregnant

Based on the fact that a woman in a state has and should exercise under medical supervision and also taking into account her medical history, a physiotherapist and pelvic floor specialist, advises us of certain exercises that you should not do if you are pregnant and warns: “what you do in your pregnancy, affects you in your postpartum”. 

1. If you are pregnant, no running!

Running is an exercise that causes a lot of impact and seriously damages the  pelvic floor, in addition to having negative consequences on the area of ​​the linea alba, which during pregnancy has a natural separation.

2. Squats yes, but with care during pregnancy!

Physiotherapist recommends squats as long as they are guided, that is, with Pilates ball that we will place against the wall and, never, never, never, using weights. “You already have the weight of your belly, there is no need to add more weight to this exercise,” says this pelvic floor expert.

3. Front plates, the worst for abdominal diastasis!

Frontal planks are contraindicated in pregnancy because they put more pressure on the abdomen, making the linea alba separate even more.

4. Side planks, never if you’re pregnant!

And for the same reason as the front planks, the side planks are more than prohibited if you are pregnant. 


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