Does the copper IUD make you fat? Myths and realities of this side effect


The IUD is one of the newest and most popular methods of birth control among women. There are different devices, some based on the release of hormones, such as the Mirena IUD, and others with a mechanical operation, such as the copper or copper T IUD.

Each alternative presents different advantages or disadvantages, and therefore it will be up to the woman to choose which is the most suitable for her situation. One of the most worrying side effects of using the copper IUD is the possible weight gain that it can cause.

Weight gain with the copper IUD

  • The copper IUD differs primarily from the Mirena IUD in that it is a physical device that does not release progesterone or other hormones. The copper IUD is placed in the cervix and prevents the fertilization of the egg by blocking the access of sperm.
  • Therefore, since there is no change in the hormonal balance, the IUD or copper T is considered one of the contraceptive methods that does not have weight gain among its side effects. Even so, it is possible that when implanting it there are some reactions during the first months, especially increased bleeding and physical discomfort, which can make the woman feel less desire to exercise and can lead to gaining a few kilos.
  • If weight gain occurs when the copper IUD is implanted, it is best to alleviate pain with medication, perform mild physical exercise and eat a light and balanced diet, if recommended by a professional nutritionist. If the discomfort continues, we should go to the doctor or gynecologist to find other alternative solutions.


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