Does drinking alcohol cut your period?


There are many myths about the period and one of them is that if you drink alcohol it stops and you can enjoy a good social outing with your friends, but this is just an excuse to drink alcohol without feeling so guilty. There are girls who say that when they drink alcohol the period becomes heavier with more blood clots, others lighter and there are even those who say that it stops completely.

Drinking alcohol when we are on our period

  • Alcohol consumption can make you dehydrated, give you a headache and even make your period hurt more or worsen the symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome, but it has nothing to do with the variation in the amount of flow. If you have ever gone out with friends to have a drink and you had your period, you will not have felt any change regarding your period since the amount of blood that you must eliminate will remain the same.
  • Although you should know that drinking alcohol is negative for anyone’s health, even if it is socially accepted it is not healthy for your body. If you are of childbearing age it is also possible that it will give you problems to get pregnant. You only have one body in your life and you need to take care of it to feel good, if you mistreat it with alcohol, sooner or later you will have consequences on your body. When you have your period, it is appropriate that you drink a lot of fluids, but it is better if you do without alcohol because you need fluids to hydrate yourself, and alcohol dehydrates you.
  • So the next time you decide to go out for a drink with your friends and have fun, it’s okay to drink alcohol because your period will not stop, but you must remember that you will surely feel worse, your cramps will hurt more and on top of that, you will be harming your health. Worth?


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