Dark vaginal discharge? Discover its causes


Vaginal discharge is excess fluid and mucus that occurs on the cervix and vaginal walls. It is healthy and normal for a woman’s body to give off this type of discharge as it is a way for the female body to keep the vagina clean and healthyThe discharge of the vaginal discharge usually has a whitish color with little consistency, something thick. The usual thing is that it does not smell or bother and that it changes according to the stage of the menstrual cycle.

Some causes of dark vaginal discharge that you should know about

  • Sometimes the vaginal discharge may appear slightly brown or darker, but if you are concerned or have the brown discharge for a long time then you will need to consult your doctor because it is possible that there may be some causes or health problems that are associated with it. You need to know so you can take it into account and act as soon as possible.
  • Menarche. These are the first symptoms of menstruation at puberty. In a few months, the girls will have a darker vaginal discharge, which is the sign that the first period is about to arrive. Sometimes after the period some women also experience a darker vaginal discharge, but this is hardly important because they are the remains of the blood after the period.
  • Ovulation. During ovulation, the woman releases an egg that will cause her period and bleeding. This blood mixes with normal vaginal fluids creating a darker vaginal dischargeThere may also be a small amount of blood in the uterus that can be discharged between your periods and because of this you may also have a darker period.
  • Stress. Stress can affect hormone levels and create dark spots in your normal vaginal discharge between periods. Physical stress due to a sudden change in activity level can also cause a brown colored vaginal discharge.
  • Any sudden hormonal change. The woman’s body can experience sudden changes that must be taken into account because they can cause dark vaginal discharge. Some changes can be: taking birth control pills, too much physical exercise, if you gain or lose weight suddenly, menopause, pregnancy, etc.
  • Some vaginal problems. But in addition to normal things, the darker flow can be a response to more serious problems that you should take into account and discuss with your doctor, especially if you have associated symptoms such as pain, odor or itching. Some vaginal problems can be: vaginal infections. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, cervical cancer, internal vaginal wounds.


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