Copper IUD: dangers and contraindications


The copper IUD is one of the most revolutionary contraceptive methods due to its effectiveness and simplicity. It is a T-shaped mechanism that, when placed inside the cervix, prevents the passage of sperm by thickening the cervical mucus. Unlike the Mirena IUD, the copper IUD does not use hormones, which is why many women consider this method safer.

Although the copper IUD avoids the side effects derived from the loss of balance in hormonal levels, this system is not indicated for all types of women. It is convenient to know the contraindications of the IUD since its misuse could cause serious health risks.

The risks of the copper IUD

  • Most women have no problem using the copper IUD, as long as they first consult our gynecologistDespite the belief, it is possible to use the IUD from adolescence, it is not restricted to women with children, although it is not recommended for women who have not had sexual intercourse.
  • The main contraindication that you must take into account if you consider this contraceptive method is to verify that you are not allergic to copper, since it is one of the main components of the device. If you have not performed previous tests to rule it out, after the implantation of the IUD you must be attentive to some symptoms such as skin irritation, etc.
  • The copper IUD is also not recommended in case of hypermenorrhea, heavy or painful menstruation, because this system can increase the duration and quantity during the period, especially after the first months after its placement. In case of suffering this problem, it can lead to other more serious complications such as anemia.
  • Other contraindications may occur in case of suffering pelvic or vaginal infections, sexually transmitted diseases, uterine cancer, endometriosis or there are suspicions of pregnancy. In any of these cases it is convenient to go quickly to the gynecologist to carry out the necessary examinations.


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