Copper IUD allergy symptoms


The IUD is one of the most widely used contraceptive methods in its two variants, the copper IUD and the Mirena IUD, but in both cases, despite its effectiveness, problems such as allergies that are bothersome and even dangerous to health may occur depending on of the circumstances.

Allergy to copper, in the case of the IUD made with this material, is rare, however it can cause health problems. In the case of the Mirena IUD, made of plastic, complications are usually minor, but some women are very sensitive to its side effects and prefer the mechanical system of the copper IUD.

Risks of IUD allergy

  • Allergy to the copper IUD occurs because the body recognizes the device as a foreign and hostile body, so it begins to reject it. This can happen because of the IUD itself or because of the material, in copper IUDs, and it manifests itself shortly after its placement, so if the symptoms are detected we should see a doctor.
  • An excess of copper in the body can cause anxiety, hyperactivity, anxiety or insomnia. Other effects can be mood swings or an increase in infections due to a weakened immune system and altered hormone levels.
  • Among the physical symptoms, skin problems such as acne, rashes or psoriasis stand out, because copper makes the skin dry out more easily. Fungal infections can also appear, due to decreased defenses, and cause diseases such as candiasis.
  • If any of these symptoms are detected after IUD placement, it is best to go to the gynecologist to perform the necessary tests and rule out copper allergy, or if confirmed, immediately remove the device.


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