Can I put vaginal suppositories with my period? Useful recommendations


When a woman inserts vaginal suppositories for the first time and it coincides with menstruation, she always has the same question: can I continue with the vaginal suppository treatment with my period or do I have to stop it? Is it going to be as effective with infections or is it not going to work for me? In this article we help you solve all your doubts.

What are vaginal suppositories and what are they for?

  • To understand if the treatment is going to work, you have to start at the beginning, so it is necessary to know what exactly vaginal suppositories are. These suppositories are prescribed as a remedy for vaginal infections, which affect many women. Facing infections for the first time is usually quite respectful and, in fact, it is one of the most frequent consultations in gynecology units.
  • Today there are many remedies to solve it in a quick, simple and effective way. And that’s where vaginal suppositories come in! These help calm the symptoms and rebuild the natural balance of the vaginal flora. Vaginal suppositories are the most widely used treatment for infections since they act directly on the affected area. These are small capsules that are inserted into the vagina to gradually dissolve inside.
  • Also, you should know that most of them must be inserted with your fingers (as if you were putting in a tampon without an applicator), although some models already come with an applicator included. You should also know that it is recommended to put them on at night, because by not getting up we run less risk of expelling them.

Put vaginal suppositories with the rule

Suddenly, you have been on treatment for two days and you realize that your period is due. And now that? Is it mandatory to continue with them? Recommendable? Should I quit? As with intimate relationships, which we must avoid during treatment, precautions must be taken if your period drops. However, in this case it is the ovules that we must leave aside for a few daysWe must be aware that the treatment will have much less effect, even losing it completely.

If you are going to get your period, it is best to insert the ovules until you start to bleed. From there it will be better to suspend the treatment since the secretions during the period will not allow a good absorption of the ovule or it will even be eliminated. The same if you have to start a treatment and it is not very urgent, it is better to end the period to start the treatment

Therefore, there are three reasons why it is not advisable to use vaginal suppositories during menstruation:

  • The suppository will not stay inside the vagina long enough to take effect.
  • The effect, therefore, will be much smaller or null.
  • We will be spending the product in an inefficient way.

When vaginal suppositories are used, it is recommended to complete the treatment from beginning to end, not leave it halfway. So, if your period is going to come down imminently, it is best to either suspend the treatment temporarily or wait for the end of menstruation to start it and thus be able to complete the complete cycle of ovules without interruptions.

Can I have intimate relations with the ovum treatment? 

It is another of the most common doubts that exists when treating with ovules. To make the answer to these questions simple, let’s think about something: we are treating an infection in the vagina. Therefore it is better to have that area released and let it heal from the infection with the corresponding treatmentSo it is advisable not to have relationships while following the treatment.

Among the important reasons is that the ovules decrease the effects of contraceptive methods such as condoms and, in turn, secretions during intercourse decrease the effect of the ovule. But there is also the risk of contagion to your partner, making the area even more irritated or going backwards and not completing the cure for the infection.


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