Blood stains after sex, what’s wrong with me?


It can sometimes happen to us that, after having sexual intercourse, we find ourselves bleeding. The first thing to do is remain calm since, in most cases, it is not usually serious and it is an isolated bleeding. However, if it has happened to you, it is good that you keep several things in mind:

  • The hymen: If you’ve never had sexual intercourse, your hymen may have ruptured. Do not be scared, it is a thin membrane that, although it can break for many reasons, one of the most frequent is the beginning of a relationship as a couple. As a consequence, little bleeding occurs.
  • The color: it is not the same to find an intense red bleeding than a brown one, which usually appears when you are starting or ending your period. The color is very important since it will indicate if it could be an infection or another type of pathology.
  • The amount: in this case, the amount of bleeding will also indicate what possible problem there may be. If you spot very little (even as it may have happened to you on other occasions) it may be a small loss that sometimes occurs between periods.

Taking these three things into account, there are different reasons why bleeding after sex can appear. Below we will detail them all, but first we must remind you that if you bleed (and you are sure that it is not your period) it is very important that you go to the doctor as soon as possible. A professional will know better than anyone else the causes of bleeding and will be able to give you a specific diagnosis.

Possible Causes of Bleeding After Sex

1. Rule advancement

It is possible that if you have sex in the days before your period comes down, it will come a little earlier. And you will ask yourself: why? Well, very simple. Sometimes the vibration of the uterus can cause menstruation to appear 24 or 48 hours earlier than expected. Another very frequent reason may be that you have made a little mistake when calculating when your period should come. This, added to what we have just told you, can cause bleeding that you do not expect and that this is simply your early menstruation.

2. Sexually Transmitted Disease

If you have had unprotected sex, you may have been infected with a Sexually Transmitted Disease. For example, one of the symptoms of severe yeast infection is bleeding. Infections such as gonorrhea or chlamydia can also cause bleeding, although it is true that this never appears in isolation. It is always accompanied by discharge with a bad smell and burning in the vagina.

3. Vaginal irritation

When the vagina is irritated, either by an infection, vaginitis, or by having too frequent and rough sexual intercourse, its mucosa can cause small spots of blood. In this case, the bleeding is often accompanied by irritation, burning and even severe pain.

4. Endometriosis

In this article we have talked more than once about endometriosis. This is the growth of endometrial tissue outside of it and can be another cause of bleeding after sexual intercourse. However, the main and most striking symptom caused by endometriosis is very painful periods.

5. Polyps

Another possibility is that you have polyps (small masses of cells that grow in the tissue that covers the vagina) and this is the reason why you bleed after sex. It is a widespread symptom among people who have polyps, although you should also take into account that bleeding can occur without having intercourse. If you do not know if you have them or not, it is best that you go to the gynecologist to clear up your doubts. He himself will tell you the steps you have to follow: if you should maintain and monitor them from time to time or if you should follow some type of treatment to eliminate them.


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