Abdominal diastasis: how to avoid it and how to solve it


Abdominal diastasis is the separation of the connective tissue, also known as the linea alba, between the right rectus abdominis and the left rectus abdominis (chocolate tablet).

Abdominal diastasis is usually more frequent during pregnancy, due to the stretching of the abdominal muscles that leads to an increase in tension on the linea alba, favoring this separation. Excessive practice of abdominal exercises, obesity and overweight and, in the case of children during the growth phase, can also lead to the separation of the rectus abdominis, causing an abdominal diastasis.

Abdominal diastasis: how to avoid it 

It is important to prevent it because abdominal diastasis can be the cause of many problems such as poor digestion, protruding postpartum bellies, lower back pain, prolapse, urinary incontinence or swelling in the belly at the end of the day. “It may happen that many women think that these symptoms are due to food intolerance, when what they really suffer is an abdominal diastasis,” says physiotherapist specialized in pelvic floor, who adds: “hence the importance of prevention, in some cases, and the search for a professional to help solve this problem in others is basic”.

Abdominal diastasis: how to fix it

How to solve it? First you have to study each circumstance “for example, in the case of pregnancy we will have to fight so that this separation is more than 2.5 cm. For this it is important that the woman seeks to do specific exercises, that she finds the right posture for her day a day and to take care of the diet, since a weight gain in pregnancy would make the line separate even more”, explains physiotherapist.

In the case of a diagnosed abdominal diastasis, the exercises to be performed are important because bad choices will worsen. “We must always look for exercises that favor a correct posture and that avoid the bulging of the linea alba,” concludes this pelvic floor expert.

The best exercises to treat abdominal diastasis 

If you want to know more exercises to improve abdominal diastasis, pay attention to this video! In it you will be able to check which positions such as holding the baby, going to the bathroom or walking can be changed to treat your abdominal diastasis


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